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We provide Executive Coaching and Management Consulting services for Change Leadership and Business Innovation.

Our Values & Beliefes
Change is a risky business and confidence is its adversary . – We help leaders identify the right impetus for change and unfold it into a viable change journey...more
Our Team
Vrioni Consulting is a team of collaborating professionals passionate about assisting business leaders and their organizations realize change with...more
Our Approach
Our way of working stands for: - Cohesive change process - Visualization of the change journey - Change co-creation (participative change) - Change dynamics that ...more
Our Work
Vrioni Consulting puts in the service of individuals, teams and organisations the experience and passion of its network of change management ...more


Coaching is mostly called upon in times of transitions, whether in individual or organisational context, and when new challenges require us to tap into unexploited potentials – basically when we want to make change happen! … read more


“… excellent work in bringing the transition to a good end in difficult circumstances. Issues in the HR and Process domains are surely in good hands with her.

… read more

Head of Communication Networks & Systems


Seminar in the European University of Tirana