Partnering all the way of the Change Journey

Leading change, managing change and thriving in change

Wings To CHANGE puts in the service of individuals, teams and organisations the experience and passion of its network of change management processionals. Our expertise is comprehensive covering all aspects of the transformative change process, as indicated in the sample “reference work” presented in this website. It is based on a mix of well researched approaches and customer insight experience.

We believe that EXPERIENCE is what we get when what drives us is being “a man of value rather than a man of success”.

As a founder of Wings To CHANGE, my goal is to accompany leaders and any soul embarque on an “aigle’s flight” of change. I wonder: what is it going to be like when many aigles can take the flight together in a journey that can deeply transform the world?

Management Consulting
  • Change Strategies & Enabling Structures
  • HR Transformation
  • Technology enablement
  • Networked Organisations
  • Open innovation & Co-creation
Change Management
  • Steer change teams through meaningful work
  • Lead change project work
  • Keep change process on track
  • Uplift team engagement
  • Training, seminars, workshops on Change & Leadership
Coaching for Change
  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Systemic coaching
  • Co-Development
What clients say about our expertise

“…excellent work in bringing the transition to a good end in difficult circumstances. Issues in the HR and Process domains are surely in good hands”

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