Change Methods & Models

Change model and method help to get structured and synthetic understanding of the multiple factors that must be addressed in a change initiative. They also help bridges the gap between the high level “big-picture” strategic vision and a successful implementation at the front-line.

The Change Methods and Models are always selected to fit the particular client need. When selecting a model we consider that :

  • There is no perfect model, that addresses all facets of changes
  • Change models are not mutually exclusive
  • People will be attracted and influenced by the approach they feel is most appropriate to their own circumstances.
Change Management Methods
  • Kotter 8 steps
  • ADKAR model
  • Senge’s systemic approach
  • Schein’s  culture change
  • … other
Organisational Development Models
  • Weisbord’s Model
  • McKinsey &S Framework
  • Falleta’s Model
  • Lencioni’s Model
  • …  other
Facilitation Techniques
  • Mind Mapping
  • World Cafe
  • Change visualisation
  • Story telling
  • … other
Coaching Approaches
  • Systemic
  • Solution focused