The Change Toolkit

Diagnoses and Assessments are critical to size a change project and devise the change strategy. We perform: Organisational Culture, Change Climate & Capabilities, Organisational Readiness (to change) Assessments and Organisational Development assessments

Organisational Culture is the single biggest determinant of how an individual will behave within a business organization or organisational environment – it will over-ride education, intelligence and common sense. An organisation can not make a successful step change and realise its benefits without changing its culture. The Organisational Culture diagnoses help focus change interventions and resources on what can make a difference.

Assessment of Change Climate and Capabilities has proven to be an invaluable diagnostic for organisations, having a direct impact on the change management strategy and plans and particularly on the budgeting for a change initiative. We often used a set of questionnaires, depending on the change context.

Organisational Readiness to Change is an assessment used to measure progress and readiness to move from one stage/phase of the change management process to the next.

Organisational Development assessments are specific assessments that we conduct to support an OD intervention and gear up an organizations change capabilities.

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