At Vrioni Consulting we care about
helping organisations innovate their business
and manage change in a generative way.

Organizational Development

Developing generative high performing organizations: Innovative, Resilient, Agile organizations

  1. Organizational culture – CIQ – I-WE DNA
  2. Organizational Structures – Fluid organisations
  3. Change Leadership – Generative leadership

Digital Business transformation

Innovating your business for sustainable growth and positive impact

  1. HRM: Fluid Workforce management
  2. Digital transformation – The human side of BPR & AI – creating positive value out of BPA & AI
  3. Sourcing & Procurement – from transactional cost driven to business excellence and value creation
  4. Workplace innovation – from design to technology – a workplace for creativity and high performance experience.

Business Development

Expanding what’s possible with next generation entrepreneurship.

  1. Next Generation entrepreneurship – modelling the success factors of your undertaking
  2. Generative collaboration – venturing the generative way
  3. Digital marketing for SMEs – Convey the untapped promise of your brand

Procurement & Sourcing

  1. Strategic Sourcing and Negotiations
  2. Contract Management
  3. Sourcing for Operational Excellence