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How to make of a career setback an opportunity for growth.

If you have experienced a career setback, being fired, laid-off, passed over for promotion, or made the wrong move, you have most probably gone through the classical stages of transitioning a change: shock, denial, anger, bargaining on your future, and, hopefully, accepting the situation, and bouncing back. Only few make it through the last two […]

Conversational Intelligence essentials: Creating favorable reception of your message

How can you make your audience sympathetic to your message before introducing it? The attempts to create a favourable reception of your message and request are successful only to the extent that the associations they trigger are positive to requested change. What are these associations? Here I’ve created a list of them that have made a difference […]

Organisational Development in focus – 5 critical allies (or influencers?) in preparing organisation for generative change

The only constant in the organisation development is change – generative change that propels growth and renewal. Being prepared for change is the main factor leading to successful organisational development initiatives. How to prepare an organisation for generative change? While in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, change predictions are short term, some trends […]

Organizational Development in focus – an approach tested through groundwork

Organisational Development (OD) is an ever-evolving area reflecting the increased organisational complexity and the trends of a VUCA organization world. Although every organisation has a unique context and requires a tailored application of the OD work, I use the following approach as the red thread of my work: 1. Keep abreast of the trends and […]

Conversational Intelligence in use: Is User Adoption a new buzz word?

100 leaders from international companies and organisations participated in the User Adoption survey conducted by Vrioni Consulting on October -November 2018. They were asked to rate their inclination towards application of change management in transformation programs. Participants were asked to rate a series of items in transformation programs with a vocabulary oriented towards “change management” […]

Seminar in the European University of Tirana

Seminar in the European University of Tirana: “Coaching a matter of perspective”. Guest speaker in the Faculty of Management. 13/11/2015 @ 18.30 Click here to download the extract. ____ Seminar ne Universitetin Evropian te Tiranes (UET). E ftuar nga Fakulteti I Menaxhimit. 13/11/2015 @ 18.30 Kliko këtu për ekstraktin.

Stuck on a problem?

Has it ever happened to you to get stuck in a decision or thinking pattern that becomes blocking? Here a story I heard from my father and passed on through generations: “Once upon a time there was a gentleman of about 40-ies, married and with kids. One morning he decided to go to the market and […]

It’s all self-respect

Being a prey of bad-faith is no stranger to most of us. Personally, there was nothing that would prompt my rage and aggravate my self-confidence more then discovering that someone had tricked me. I have learned, however, that anger and disillusion make simply bad strategies, and found out other ways to leap triumph sincerity. Bad-faith, or […]

“Don’t shoot the messenger”

Although the expression comes from distant times when the messenger of the bad news rather then the author was often punished, it reflects a deep-rooted truth still valid even today: People do not like to hear bad news! Not only we do not like to hear bad news, but we also have the tendency to […]