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Seminar in the European University of Tirana

Seminar in the European University of Tirana: “Coaching a matter of perspective”. Guest speaker in the Faculty of Management. 13/11/2015 @ 18.30 Click here to download the extract. ____ Seminar ne Universitetin Evropian te Tiranes (UET). E ftuar nga Fakulteti I Menaxhimit. 13/11/2015 @ 18.30 Kliko këtu për ekstraktin.

Stuck on a problem?

Has it ever happened to you to get stuck in a decision or thinking pattern that becomes blocking? Here a story I heard from my father and passed on through generations: “Once upon a time there was a gentleman of about 40-ies, married and with kids. One morning he decided to go to the market and […]

It’s all self-respect

Being a prey of bad-faith is no stranger to most of us. Personally, there was nothing that would prompt my rage and aggravate my self-confidence more then discovering that someone had tricked me. I have learned, however, that anger and disillusion make simply bad strategies, and found out other ways to leap triumph sincerity. Bad-faith, or […]

“Don’t shoot the messenger”

Although the expression comes from distant times when the messenger of the bad news rather then the author was often punished, it reflects a deep-rooted truth still valid even today: People do not like to hear bad news! Not only we do not like to hear bad news, but we also have the tendency to […]