Programs & Events

  • How could Europe post-Covid use Change Crowdsourcing?

    Webinar for Teledom

    May 2020

  • A Generative approach to Workforce Management in uncertain times (post-Covid)

    European University of Tirana (EUT) –  Business Voice webinar, guest speaker

    June 2020

  • Conversational intelligence – a game changer of 21st century

    Women on Board – Seminar, leadership development, Speaker

    March 2018

  • How to Develop I inside the WE through Conversational Intelligence

    ICF International Coaching Week – Conference, Speaker

    May 2018

  • Making the Impact you Intend using Conversational Intelligence

    Rotary Club Brussels – Seminar, leadership development, Speaker

    October 2017

  • What can Coaching do for you – a neurosciences perspective

    European University of Tirana (EUT), Master program & Alumni  – Business Voice Seminar, guest speaker.

    September 2017

  • Change crowdsourcing – when engagement matters

    Solvay Business School, Master program & Alumni – Business Voice Seminar, guest speaker.

    March 2015

  • Change crowdsourcing – beyond an illusion

    TEDx – Speaker

    May 2014

  • Change crowdsourcing - the power of gaming

    ACMP – European Annual Conference, Speaker

    September 2013